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Long live the king and courtier too
Songs from their castles brought to you

 English, Irish, and Scottish sheet music arrangements for violin and recorder/flute or two violins 
by Dorothy Barth

Kammeraderie: Of Castles, Kings, And Courts

Castle Donovan
Castle Hyde
The Castle of Dromore
Hoddom Castle
Nottingham Castle
Rockingham Castle
Tyrone Castle
Windsor Castle
Edinburgh Castle

The King of the Pipers
King James's March
The King of Poland
Old Simon the King
The King of the Rath 
The King's Delight
When the King Came O’er the Boyne Waters
The King's Jig

The Duke of Gloucester’s March
Duke of Grafton’s March
Lord Aboyne
The Lord Chamberlain's Delight
Lord Charles Murray
Lord Doneraile
The Lord Monk's March
Sir Patrick Bellew's March
Lord Binning

Of Castles, Kings, and Courts  is  available for purchase as a digital download through SheetMusicPlus.  Purchase the entire anthology or a single section, whichever you prefer!

To introduce Of Castles, Kings, and Courts, the Preface is reproduced below:

"When I completed Maidens of Melody early in 2008, I’d already discovered abundant material for a second volume of “Maiden” arrangements. Then the Muse of Balance paid a visit to remind me that it would be as intriguing to arrange a volume of Old English and Celtic music featuring only men—in this case, kings, courtiers, and their castles.

As in Maidens of Melody, I drew from the Playford Dance Master and O’Neill’s Collection of Irish Music for the melodies. I’ve also included in this volume tunes from the Gow Collection of Scottish Dance Music, another rich source book for lovers of Celtic music. I’ve endeavored to keep the melodies true to their source, though I granted myself liberty to switch the tune between the two instruments, change the octave, and add embellishments on the repeats--something that would also be done in spontaneous performance.

As in the previous collection, these arrangements were conceived for recorder and violin but may also be adapted to flute and violin or two violins. In this volume, the suggested recorder range is indicated, but the seasoned  recorder player may experiment with different ranges. We prefer the soprano recorder (which sounds an octave higher than written) on reels, jigs, and hornpipes and the tenor (or alto recorder depending on range) for slower, lyrical pieces.

May Of Castles, Kings, and Courts reign with wisdom at Renaissance and Celtic Fairs as well as at  period weddings, and may this music  provide you with much enjoyment! "

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