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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are  frequently asked questions to help you determine whether you would prefer  solo violinist  or one of our ensembles  for your wedding or special event, how to book Dorothy Barth, and other helpful information. If you decide to book our duo  instead of solo violin,  please visit our main page. 

Beginning in 2014, If you are interested in booking our  trio, please visit our new page Tea Rose Consort.

For what type of engagements do you perform as a violin soloist?
Dorothy Barth, Solo Violin performs for weddings, receptions, anniversaries, corporate, and holiday events.
Are there sound and repertory differences when you perform solo?
When playing with recorder, the violin is necessarily somewhat more restrained. The violin solo repertory is smaller in the Renaissance genre, but many choices are available in the Baroque, Classic, and 19th century Romantic categories. The solo repertory also includes Celtic selections as well as some blues and jazz. A much larger selection  of contemporary romantic music is available for solo violin, including  nostalgic selections  from the 1920's and beyond.  
What would be the more romantic choice for my wedding?
If you are enchanted by the allure and costuming of the Renaissance and the use of multiple instruments, one of our ensembles would be your preferred choice. If nostalgic ballads delight you, you might prefer solo violin. 
Having difficulty deciding? Consider this possibility:  Book one of our ensembles for your ceremony music, then have Dorothy perform an extra hour after the ceremony on solo violin (during a cocktail hour or while the wedding party is being photographed). This musical interlude could feature nostalgic and contemporary love songs. We offer a reduced rate for such a romantic interlude if you book us for your ceremony!
Do you stroll while playing?
I mainly stay in place with my music stand, focusing my attention on the large selection of beautiful music. If requested, I can stroll up to three  ballads from my repertory for the reception. 
Do you amplify your music?
Amplification is available for Dorothy, Solo Violin and for our recorder and violin duo, Kammeraderie. 
Our recorder duo (Flutes of Fancy) and trio (Tea Rose Consort) perform unamplified.
What are the cost differences between solo and duo?
The rate for Dorothy Barth, Solo Violin is slightly less than our ensembles, but you may find this difference not significant enough to make this a major factor in your decision.
Is your rate negotiable for small weddings?
The rate for Dorothy Barth, Solo Violin is the same regardless of the size of the wedding or the length of the ceremony (indeed, most ceremonies run about the same length of time).  Factors such  as preparation, travel,  overhead, and instrument maintenance are not related to a wedding's size. Travel up to 70 miles one-way is included with the ceremony price.  Dorothy will arrive up to one hour before start of ceremony to determine the optimum place to set up. If Bert is available, he often accompanies Dorothy to facilitate  setup at no extra charge.
How do I book Dorothy Barth, Solo Violin?
Upon receipt of your booking request, you will receive a package containing a Performance Agreement and ceremony selection sheets if applicable. Once you return the signed Performance Agreement along with your deposit, your date is confirmed. 
Is it possible to book Dorothy Barth, Solo Violin on short notice?
Dorothy can often accommodate performance requests on short notice (a month or less). However, it is especially important for such events that you return the signed Performance Agreement and deposit immediately to confirm your date. 
What do you wear as a soloist?
Unless requested otherwise, formal concert black. Summer ivory, Celtic, Renaissance, or Victorian costuming is available by request. 
Any other considerations?
Outdoor performance areas must be sheltered from the elements (ocean breezes, mist, excessive heat) to protect musicians, fine instruments, and acoustics.

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