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Sea Songs Salty and Serene

Ahoy to Captain and First Mate
Songs from the Sea rejuvenate!

An anthology of English, Irish, and Scottish nautical music

selected and arranged by Dorothy Barth

Kammeraderie: Flautilla: Sea Songs Salty and Serene

Flautilla: Sea Songs Salty and Serene was the first of Dorothy's six anthologies of Celtic arrangements to be recorded. The album is available as a digital download from CD Baby. Click the link on the left to preview the album and purchase either the complete album or individual tracks. You may also purchase the sheet music digitally through Sheet Music Plus.

To introduce Flautilla, below are excerpts from the Preface:

"Iíve long wanted to arrange a book of nautical tunes for two instruments. Perhaps this is no surprise, since an immigrant ship, de Groote Beer, first brought me to America as a young girl.

For the past five years, my husband and I have lived in Vallejo, California, whose waterfront I walk most days. I pass the century-old Yacht Club and across Mare Island Strait view the massive, ghostly remnants of what once was the West Coastís oldest shipyard, Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Iíve performed on Mare Island at the Admiralís Mansions and at St. Peterís Chapel, a rare and beautiful structure struggling for survival and revival along with the cityís economy. On a lighter note, the raucous and colorful Northern California Pirate Festival, now in its third year, is about to be held on Vallejoís waterfront park

For Flautilla, I drew the source tunes from Playfordís Dancing Master, OíNeillís Music of Ireland, and the Gow Collection of Scottish Dance Music. Iíve kept the melodies true to their source, though as always I grant myself liberty to switch the tune between the two instruments, change octaves, and add embellishments on repeats--something that would also be done in spontaneous performance.

As in my previous collections, these arrangements were conceived for recorder and violin but may also be played on flute and violin or two violins. In this volume, the suggested recorder range is indicated, but the adaptable recorder player may experiment with different ranges. We prefer the soprano recorder (which sounds an octave higher than written) on reels, jigs, and hornpipes and the tenor recorder (or alto recorder depending on range) for slower, lyrical pieces.

Seafarers, captains, and all those who love the sea: This oneís for you. And remember to swing those hornpipes! "


Out on the Ocean
Down at the Sea Side
The Shamrock Shore  
The Slipper Hornpipe and Byrne's Hornpipe
The Greencastle Hornpipe and Galway Bay
The Banks of Allan and The Sailor's Wife
Fisher's Hornpipe  
Captain Maitland's and Captain Byng
Boatman of Pitnacree
Capain Ross
If the Sea Were Ink
A Hornpipe
Captain O'Kane
Captain Kennedy's
The Dutch Skipper
The Three Captains
Glengariff Bay

Flautilla is available as a digital download through SheetMusicPlus 

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