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Musical Enchantment for the Temecula Wine Country, 
San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties

Jewish Music Repertory

Wish to honor your Jewish  heritage for your wedding or special event? We have many songs available from our numerous collected anthologies for your ceremony, dinner, or cocktail hour.

Songs specifically related to or suitable for weddings have been highlighted below. It is a rich repertory we enjoy playing.

For Duo (Recorder and Violin or Two Recorders)

  1. Bei Dem Shtetl

  2. Esa Enai

  3. Margaritkelekh

  4. Numi, Numi

  5. Etz Harimon

  6. Karev Yom

  7. Eliyahu Hanavi

  8. Lomir All In Einem

  9. Agala Im Susa

  10. Kinder Yoren

  11. Mir Zeinen Alle

  12. Avinu Malkeynu

  13. Tumbalalaika

  14. Ver Hot Aza Yingele

  15. Tzion Tamati

  16. Zol Shoyn Kummen Die G'ule

  17. A Merry Tune

  18. Raisele

  19. Listen, Pretty Maiden

  20. My Heart

  21. Had I The Emperor's Treasures

  22. True Love

  23. Once Upon A Time

  24. The Alphabet

  25. The Clock Strikes Twelve

  26. The Night Was Still (Partisan's Song)

  27. Wedding Song (The In-Laws)

  28. Dance of Reconciliation

  29. The Youngest is Betrothed

  30. On A Wagon Bound for Market

  31. The Little Calf

  32. A Carriage Driver's Song

  33. A Mother's Song

  34. A Yiddish Song

  35. Lullaby

  36. Zamele

  37. The Wine Cup

  38. Eighty He and Seventy She

  39. Sleep, My Daughter

  40. Rabbi Elimelech

  41. My Little Son

  42. Let's Forgive Each Other

  43. A Waltz of Yearning

  44. Clapping Dance

  45. Daisies

  46. Where the Cedars Grow

  47. May We Be Worthy

  48. There in the Land of Israel

  49. Sleep My Little One

  50. Chatskele

  51. Let Us Rejoice (Hava Nagila)

  52. Who Knows One?

  53. Tell Me Pretty Maiden

  54. Once Upon a Time

Traditional Jewish Wedding Tunes

We have an anthology of traditional Jewish wedding tunes that were actually arranged for trio. We may be able to play these on two instruments, or the melody could be played as a solo. 

The several sound samples below are on solo violin. The violin solo playing as background to this page is titled Erev Ba.

  1. Dodi Li  (Processional)

  2. El Ginat Egoz  (Processional) 

  3. Erev Shel Shoshanim (this beautiful tune tune can serve as a processional, meditation, or as prelude music)

  4. Siman Tov (Recessional)

  5. Od Yishama (Recessional)

  6. Chossn Kalah Mazel Tov (Recessional)

  7. Sherele (Reception)

  8. Wedding Waltz (Reception)

  9. King David Medley (Dance)

  10. Bashana Haba'a (Dance)

  11. Ose Shalom (Peace Prayer)

  12. Birkat Hamazon (Prayer after meals)

  13. Tzur Mishelo (Song to follow grace)


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