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"Just to let you know that Maidens of Melody arrived.  
 I am very pleased - the music looks just right for my friends.  I know they will love the gift.  Thank you."

 Irish Sheet Music Arrangements for violin and recorder/flute or two violins by Dorothy Barth
Great for Weddings, St. Patrick Day Celebration, and Celtic Festivals!

Deep within the Celtic mist
Maidens of Melody exist
Your fiddle, flute brings them alive
Their grace and beauty to revive!

The sheet music for Maidens of Melody is available through Sheet Music Plus as a digital download.

Check out Dorothy's  digital download offerings through SheetMusicPlus

A recording of Maidens of Melody is available as a digital download through CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.

To introduce Maidens of Melody,  here is an excerpt from the Preface:

Irish music cast its spell early on in the dozen years I have performed as a duo of violin and recorders, so it was inevitable that I would be drawn to create new arrangements for this intimate combination of instruments.

The vast treasury of tunes (1850 in all!) that comprises O’Neill’s Music of Ireland provided the melodies and inspiration for my second collection of duo arrangements. Many of the tunes called out to be grouped thematically, and an enticing theme that emerged is that of the maiden who inspires the melody. Maidens of Melody presents five such “suites” of tunes....

.....As in the previous collection, these arrangements can be played recorder and violin, flute and violin, or two violins. If the upper part is played on recorder, it is suggested that the recorder player switch between soprano, alto, and tenor recorders in accordance with the range and mood of each piece. We prefer to play the faster reels and gigs on soprano recorder and the more lyrical pieces on tenor recorder. 

I hope that this music will be enjoyed by lovers of Celtic music both at home and for weddings and special events--and not just if your name is Mary or Molly!


The Five Suites:

Maidens of Melody,  Mainly Mary, Treasured Tresses, 
Mostly Molly, Lastly Lasses

You can sample each tune on CDBaby (see link below)

Maidens of Melody is now available for purchase as a digital download through Sheet Music Plus.  You can purchase the entire anthology or a single section, whichever you prefer!

A recording of Maidens of Melody is available as a digital download through CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes. Released 6/25/2015

Kammeraderie: Maidens of Melody
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