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English, Irish, and Scottish Sheet Music arrangements for violin and recorder/flute or two violins
Arranged by Dorothy Barth

More Maidens for your serenade
Called forth from distant Celtic glade

A great companion volume to Maidens of Melody Vol. 1
Perfect for weddings, Celtic Fairs, and St. Patrick's Day events!


To introduce Maidens of Melody Volume Two, the Preface is reproduced below.

By the time I finished the first volume of Maidens of Melody late in 2007, I had already discovered ample source material in OíNeillís Music of Ireland to inspire a second volume of arrangements celebrating those maidens who, by their charm or beauty, inspired the original tune. After completing Of Castles, Kings, and Court, I immediately began arranging the 32 tunes found in this volume.

As in the first Maidens of Melody volume, the tunes in Volume 2 are grouped thematically by the name of the maiden who inspired the song. The final suite of tunes is entitled  "Maiden Medley" and includes those mysterious maidens who appear less frequently on OíNeillís stage. Whenever specified, Iíve included the composerís name. However, a number of tunes in OíNeillís Music of Ireland do not designate a specific composer. In this case, Iíve simply indicated OíNeill.

These arrangements can be played on two violins or on recorder/flute and violin. In this volume I have noted soprano, alto, or tenor. Flute and violin players, please note that the soprano recorder sounds an octave higher than written. This works well on fast pieces where the violin and recorder are juxtaposed by helping the recorder to stand out against the louder violin. However, if you are playing these pieces on flute and violin or recorder and violin, you would probably want to play them at pitch to avoid extreme ranges. You are encouraged to experiment with different ranges, ornaments, and bowings to bring to life this wonderful traditional music.

I hope these arrangements will bring enjoyment to both player and listener and that they may be used creatively in weddings and special events, perhaps to honor one of the maidens' namesakes!

Available as a digital download through SheetMusicPlus.  You can  purchase the entire anthology or a single section, whichever you prefer! 


Young Bridget

Bridget McRory

Bridget McBride

Sleep on My Kathleen Dear

My Darling Kathleen

Sweet Kathleen Machree and Kathleen OíMoore

Catherine Tyrrell

Young Catherine

Catherine Nowlan  

Kitty OíNeill
Kitty of Coleraine
Kittie  Magee
Kitty OíHara
Kitty Lostyís Reel
Kittyís Wedding
Nancy My Pride
Nancyís Branching Tresses
O Nancy Donít You Remember
The Smile of Nancy Barlow  
Peggy Bawn
Peggy on the Settle
Pretty Peggy
Pretty Peggy Reel
Black Eyed Susan
Celia O'Gara
Margaret Sheehan
Norah the Pride of Kildare
Nellie O'Donovan
Bessy Murphy
Katie's Fancy
O! Sweet Adare 

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