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About the Recorder

The recorder was an important consort instrument during the Renaissance and reached virtuoso heights during the Baroque period, particularly with the music of Telemann.

Also known as flauto dolce (sweet flute) or fipple flute, the recorder's beauty was rediscovered in the early 1900's after almost a century and a half of relative obscurity. Its delicate voice, at times playful, at times spiritual in quality, forms a wonderful complement to ceremonial, intimate, or whimsical gatherings.

Our recorder duo Flutes of Fancy as well as our new trio, Tea Rose Consort, focus on music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, including dances, ballads, Elizabethan songs, and sacred music. Our repertory also includes English Country Dance music and Celtic music. Flutes of Fancy and the Tea Rose Consort perform unamplified.

Our violin and recorder duo Kammeraderie can also perform  from a diverse repertory of light classics, international music, romantic ballads, and even some blues! Kammeraderie can perform either amplified or unamplified, depending on the size of the event.

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